Add Custom Shortcuts In Windows 7 Context Menu With Context Menu Editor

Context Menu Editor is a free utility which allows you to add/delete application shortcuts, commands and website URLs in right click context menu on desktop and in folder context menu.


It will work with both x86 and  x64 versions of windows 7 and vista, in order to start this application just right click the extracted executable and select run as administrator, in order to add these entries just click Set button on the application interface as shown in the above image.

After adding the entries, right click on the empty area of desktop and you will see the newly added entries in the context menu as shown in the image below.


In order to remove an entry, run the application and click the remove tab and then select the entry to be deleted and then right click and select delete option to remove it from right click context menu.


Some More Information About This Tool

1. The ‘Extended’ feature allows the menu item to show up only when you press and hold the SHIFT key while right clicking.

2. It is free to use

Note: This application by Gopal Adhikari a  17 year old a high school student from Tucson, AZ.

Download Windows 7 Context Menu Editor | Similar Programs – Right Click Extender

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