Add Custom Background Color, Text On Windows 7 Booting or Resume Screen

While booting our operating systems, we might have seen the screens that normally comes, for eg. in windows 7, the screen with a Microsoft logo comes and the windows boots up. But, what if we want to change and customize these screens while booting and the resume screens? Here, comes the answer that yes we can do it and that too very easily by using an application called Windows 7 Boot Updater.


Windows 7 Boot Updater is a freeware tool which is available to change and customize your Windows 7 Boot screen and Resume Screen. As shown in the above snapshot, this tool can be used to change the image, background colour, fonts and the position using this tool. It is really very easy to change the Boot Screen and Resume Screen Text by using Windows 7 Boot Updater and it also comes up with Preview mode in order to view the changes we made. If we want then, we can also restore our default Boot Screen using the same Windows 7 Boot Updater

Although many applications are available which can change these screens and are present as Windows 7 boot animation changers which can customize Windows 7 boot screen, but almost all of them require tedious task with several heavy files in order to replace Windows 7 default boot screen with customized one. But as compared to those earlier ones, this time this tool has been developed by keeping all those issues in mind and thus we have an easy-to-use tool called, Windows 7 Boot Updater. As said earlier, this not only replaces default Windows 7 animation logo with customized image or logo, but allows changing other boot screen elements and so on.


Once changes have been made then also you can easily revert back to default Windows 7 boot and resume screens by saving them before customizing their different elements.

As already shown the usage of this application is pretty simple. Let us see how we can change the screens as shown in the above snapshot. For this go to File menu and select Save Boot Skin As option in order to save the default settings and then choose the location where you want to save. Now you can easily make any changes to Windows 7 boot screen. Now in order to change the booting screen, go to Booting tab, select Static Image or Animation from the available menu. Now, you can select the image to be inserted by going to specific location where that image is present. After inserting the image in the main screen, you can also choose to change the background, message colour and also the text which will be shown.

As shown in the above snapshot, from Messages 1 tab, you can change Starting Windows text, as we have changed its colour and its size, position can also be changed whereas Message 2 tab lets you do customizations overt Microsoft copyright text.For applying changes in the form of animations we recommend you to play the animation before applying changes. You may also see the Fullscreen mode tab which is present to check Windows 7 boot animation on full screen. As discussed for the boot screen,  you can also make changes in Windows 7 resume screen.

Once you are done with customizing Windows 7 boot and resume screens, click on the Apply button in order to view the changes and to let it automatically replace Windows 7 boot screen with the customized ones given by you. Now restart Windows to view the newly applied animation.

Download Windows 7 Boot Updater

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