Add Currently Playing Winamp Song Into Any Program Like Email Client, Forum and Messenger

We have previously covered Control Winamp From Your iPhone and Play, Pause, Stop or Quit Winamp When You Lock Windows. Today we featuring another useful software called Winamp Signature which is a simple free program which allows you to add your currently playing song as your signature in email client, forums or as a status message in chat messenger like gtalk or yahoo messenger.


[ click the image above to enlarge and see in full size ]

You can specify the pre text before the current playing song – for example you can use the following format

Listening to – Eagles – Hotel California

In order to copy the currently playing song status to windows clipboard you will need to press CTRL+SHIFT+F1 and then Press CTRL+V to paste it in any program or as a forum signature.

Download Winamp Signature


  1. rave says

    i just got an error said
    ” An exception of class OLEException was not handled. The application must shut down.
    Exeption Message : Unknown error :-2147467259 (failed on ” IsPlaying)”

  2. Somtwitty says

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    Does anyone know of a place that can sell my timeshare for me? I’ve tried several listing companies with no luck. When I look on ebay there are timeshares going for $1. Is my timeshare that I payed a butt load for really only worth a dollar?


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