Add Colors To Windows Command Prompt Console

If you are bored with the black and white color of your cmd.exe and you want it to be more user friendly with some add-ons of editing tools and more features then, your are at the right place. Continue your reading because today i am reviewing a freeware called ColorConsole which will fill color in your windows console.

ColorConsole is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Vista, 2003, xp, 2000, Me and NT. It is a portable application which does not need any installation. You just have to run the downloaded exe file for working.

It provides the advantage of working on the command mode without opening the run instead just start it from the desktop. The main window will appear like this. The color of the window can be changed by using the marked option. It provides around 14 colors.


Along with color, the main feature is the option of editing i.e. you can easily copy, cut and paste not like the cmd in which these actions are prohibited.

There is also an option of ‘Commands’ in which you can keep your frequently used commands so that next time if you want to run that command, you just have to select the saved option thus saving the time.


It also provides some the tools for the text (color of the word, bold, italics and underline). You can also highlight some of the text which will be helpful in exporting.

This tool also provide the option of using multiple tabs in the same application.

Also, for a beginner, there is an option of help which will show the list of all the commands with their function in the new tab.


You can also export some of the text from the window to the HTML or to the word document using the option of ‘HTML’ and ‘RTF’ respectively. You just have to select the desired text which has to be exported or highlight that text using the highlighter which will save a lot of time.

For example, i have exported the desired text to HTML. So, the htm file will appear like this.


You can also zoom the text in the window by the options present at the top of the window. You can also switch between the opened tabs very fast with the options provided on the main window.


In short, it is a smart application which has the potential of saving a lot of time and making your work easier and comfortable on command line.

Download ColorConsole Portable 1.81

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