Add, Change Home Screen Wallpaper In iOS 4 [ Applies To iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch Non Jailbreaked ]

Apple has recently released iOS 4 firmware for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPod Touch 2G and 3G ( 3rd generation) devices but not all the features of apple OS firmware 4.0 work on all iPhone models.

iPhone 3GS support all the features of iOS 4 but iPhone 3G does not, read here about those features which are not supported in iPhone 3G. Today we are telling you about a cool much awaited feature introduced with firmware 4.0 which is changing the home screen wallpaper which still does not work with iPhone 3G, however you can easily change the home screen wallpaper in iPhone 3G if you jailbreak it.

Follow the procedure below to change the home screen wallpaper

1. Go to Settings >> Wallpaper

2. Tap the wallpaper sample image and then select an image from camera roll or from photo library

3. Tap Set to set the image as wallpaper

4. Now it will ask whether you want to set the image to lock screen, home screen or both

5. Press the home button now to see the new set home screen wallpaper.


  1. Ryam says

    I click the image and it just says “set” im 100% im on 4.0 so what is the problem?

  2. chris says

    it doesnt ask me whether i want to make it home screen or not? i ahve 4.0 what do i do?

  3. Daisy says

    I have a ipod 2nd generation and it doesnt give me a choice about changeing the background it automatically changes it to the lock screen

  4. kamran says

    I have 3rd Gen ipod touch with IOS4 updated. but there is nothing that allows me to put my wallpaper as my home background? i went to settings/wallpapers/clicked the picture an the only different thing is it allows me to adjust where it sits an such and it says Cancel or Set. thats it?

  5. iTouchFan says

    Hey, I have tried this on my iTouch and it doesn’t seem to ask me wether I want to set it as my home screen, lock screen or both, it only asks me if I want to use this as my wallpaper, I haven’t jail broken my iTouch it is a 2nd gen iTouch but I previously bought it off someone who had jail broken the iTouch but I restored it, The software is now 4.0, and everything else is the way it should be except for the wallpaper system, My Brother bought a 3rd gen iTouch and everything seemed to work for him, and it also worked on my sisters iPhone 3gs what can I do to resolve this problem, can someone please help?

  6. madhatter says

    Doesn’t work with iPhone 3G or iPod 3rd gen, every time i update i lose functionality @$%%$^#% apple.

  7. Patrick says

    What I don’t understand is that my moms iphone 3g does have a home screen wallpaper, where mine doesn’t have one.

    Please explain met that, I do not wish to jailbreak my iphone any more.

  8. Harper says

    I tried to do this with my 8 GB 3g iPod and it’s not working. I made sure that it is updated to 4.0. My brother’s 16 GB 3g iPod had no problems at all. Does anyone know how to get it to work?? =/

  9. Jacob says

    $%#&@! Apple!!!THEY ONLY MADE THIS FOR 32GB AND HIGHER DEVICES!!!(and 4gen ipod)I DONT WANNA BUY ANOTHER IPOD!!!!APPLE SHOULD MAKE AN UPDATE THAT IT WORKS ON THE 8GB TOO!!!!sorry im really pissed off that they did that. I know that the 8GB 3rd gen ipod is like the 2nd gen ipod.

    P.S.People should try to spread this message on the Apple website or anywhere else

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