Add Applications Start Menu Like Windows In Mac OS

For all those windows users who has anytime migrated from windows to mac os might miss the cool start menu in windows with which launching any newly or old programs installed becomes so easy and simple, now you can get a start menu in mac os too which may not look like but acts and work like windows start menu in mac os to launch and search programs.

Start Menu for Mac Os is a freeware program for mac os which lets experience a start menu kind of functionality in mac os just like windows as shown in the screenshots given below. The app listed in start menu after installed and pinned to dock bar in mac os on our test machine.

Picture 2

Or else if you right click [ control+tap on touchpad] in mac os on the icon of start menu you will see the apps listed as text list without icon and then you can type the app name you will find it in the list of apps from here.

Picture 3

If you are used to spotlight search interface in mac os, then just press Command + Space on keyboard and search any app with its name, we found this is the most quickest way to launch any app or search for any thing on mac os a shown in the image below.

Picture 1

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