Add Album Art In Music Albums into iTunes Using iTunes Album Art Importers

iTunes is nice music management tool and awesome player for music, but when ever you add music to your iTunes library it does not add the album art, there are several softwares which allows you to import album art for free to your music album without album art.

Here are both the tools discussed below the first tool called iTunes Art Importer is UI based, however the second tool to download and add album art called iTunes Album Art Importer is command line based.

1. iTunes Art Importer – It is a very practical and powerful tool to get the album art for your iTunes music collection. It can be used to auto-import album art for an entire music collection (or part of one), but for those tracks for which auto importing will not succeed.


Note: This album art importer requires .net framework 1.1 and needs iTunes 4.5 or higher version to run.

2. iTunes Album Art Importer – It is a command line script that imports music and album art into iTunes on Windows and for each song added to iTunes Library the script searches for artwork associated with the song track using the following steps given below

1. Use artwork with the same filename as the track.

2. If no song specific artwork exists use the first image file in the directory containing the track.

3. If no artwork is in the track’s folder each parent folder containing the track is searched for an image file to associate with the song.

I hope the above two softwares would be sufficient to download album art in iTunes, if you face any problem let us know through your comments at the end of this post, you can also read our related post on how to Download Album Art Cover For Any Music Album

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