Add Address or Location Bar In IE 9 Platform Preview

Yesterday we posted about how to get IE 9 Platform Preview full offline setup, as we all know IE 9 Developer Platform Preview does not have a address bar, so every time you want to open a website or webpage you will need to go to Page >> Open to open a page in it.


However there is a simple freeware utility which allows you to add address bar in Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview, you can download this utility from the following web URL

This address bar tool for IE 9 will add a location or address bar in Internet Explorer, which allows you to open any webpage just by typing the URL of the page in the new address bar added on top of Internet Explorer

Location-Bar-In-IE 9

Note From Developer – The program doesn’t need UAC approval and makes no file changes. (unless the .net framework does). It’s build with Visual Basic 2008 so .net Service Packs necessary to run that are necessary to run the program. It’s fully tested on my pc running Win7 64bit.

Download IE 9 Mini Toolbar

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