Add A Link Back To Your Original Post In Your Blog Feeds With RSS Footer

These days one of major issues being faced by bloggers is plagiarism, as there are many feed stealers methods, some one can grab the entire content of your article via your website or blog feeds and post it on some other website without your permission or credit to the original article.

This has been happening with this blog too, as there are some blogs who are posting the same content copied from Technix Update, without any credits to the original article. After some googling I came to know about a cool wordpress plugin being used by many wordpress blogs which automatically add a link back to the original post and another link back to the original blog where the article appeared originally.

This plugin is called RSS Footer, which adds this custom message to the feed as content, so these link backs appear on the sites which copy and post the original blog via feed stealing methods. 


It is very simple plugin let’s you add an extra line of content to articles in your feed, defaulting to "Post from: " and then a link back to your blog, with your blog’s name as it’s anchor text, which you can edit the text as shown in the above image.

Download RSS Footer Plugin for WordPress 


  1. André says

    I’d suggest another way. Get a nice Twitter plugin for your blog (if you don’t have one already) and now connect Facebook with Twitter and you’re set. This way you can click publish in you blog and have it on Twitter as well as Facebook.
    If you don’t like all your tweets being updated on Facebook, install an app to Facebook that ignores all tweets without #fb. Set up your blog plugin to write #fb with each update and you’re good to go, too.

    Just wanted to point out these possibilities as well.

  2. André says

    Another idea to get your new blog posts out to the world is installing a blog plugin that will send a new tweet each time a post is released or updated (depending on your settings). Now you’ll only need to connect Twitter and facebook and you’re set.

    If you don’t like all your tweets appearing on facebook, install an app that will only show #fb tweets. If you set up your plugin on your blog to do include this #fb then you’re ready as well.

    Just two ideas I find useful :)

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