Add 360 Degree Rotating Car Animation To Your Vista Start Menu

Dodge Start menu animation is free nice addon made by a devaint named spazpunt for windows vista, it has a small executable called Car 360.exe which you need to click to run this program. This cool animation has a nice dodge challenger will rotate infinitely which will rotate on the top of the start menu in vista.


For those who want to see the still car in 360, run Car 360 Left click on the rotating car and press alt to stop the car in the middle of its rotation and alt again to make it continue its rotation.

How To Run This Car Animation

Extract the downloaded rar archive, go to Car – Copy folder and double click Dodge Charger.exe to run this animation with vista start menu or double click Car 360.

Note: This application is quite resource heavy on CPU, and developer if working on this issue so it consume less CPU usage.

Download Dodge Start menu animation

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