Activate Opened Tabs Thumbnail Preview In IE9 Aka Quick Tabs

Quick Tabs is a great feature which has been there in Internet Explorer with IE 7 & 8 but in case of IE9 this feature seems to be disabled. Quick Tabs feature allows you to see a quick thumbnail preview of all the tabs opened as shown in the image below.


In order to enable this feature in IE9 follow the procedure given below.

1. Go to Internet Explorer settings as shown in the image below

9-27-2010 10-54-05 PM

2. Under general tab, click Settings under the tabs section as shown in the image below

9-27-2010 10-58-02 PM

3. Now check the option which says – Enable Quick Tabs and click ok to save this settings. Please make sure that quick tabs will be enabled after the next restart of internet explorer.

9-27-2010 10-59-56 PM

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