Activate High Resolution, More Clear Video Chat On Orkut

Social networking sites have probably become the most popular way to stay connected with your friends. Seeing so much popularity, developers of these websites always keep on trying something innovative and new feature to attract people towards their site. So today we are going to tell you about a new and innovative feature i.e Video Chat in Orkut.

All social networking sites have option to chat with your friends through text but recently a small plugin is developed for Orkut which will enable you to do voice chat with your friends. This plugin will integrate with your Orkut and you will just require a Web Camera and a Headphone to video chat with your Orkut Buddies.

This is really an exciting feature and am sure you all will love this feature. So if you want your Orkut account to enabled with this feature, you can read my tutorial below. Before starting my tutorial let me tell you best thing about this plugin that it not only works for Windows XP or later only, but even works for Intel Mac OS X 10.4 or later and Linux. Hence if your OS falls under above category, then you can start with the tutorial.

First you will need to download this plugin which is available at Then you will need to click on Downloading link available on this webpage.

18-09-2010 15-22-01

Once you click on this link, it will direct you to another page and your downloading will start in some moment. It will take less than a minute to download this tool.

18-09-2010 14-50-08

Once it finishes download, this plugin will automatically get installed in your system. This process will again require a time duration of less than a minute.

18-09-2010 14-50-36

Now once it finished installing, it will notify you to restart your browser. You have an option to Restart Browser Later but it is advisable to restart it now but still you can save your pages in current browser before restarting it as restart will close all your opened pages.

18-09-2010 14-50-52

After this, this plugin will get successfully installed in your system. The best part of this plugin is that it works with all the Web Browsers. Now open your Orkut account and at the home page of your account only you will find new options being integrated in your chat settings. So now all you need to do is customize settings for video chat and then you can instantly start video chat with your online buddies.

18-09-2010 15-32-59

This setting will get located in the more option available under your orkut chat box. You can see following snapshot to see where this option is available.

18-09-2010 15-34-54

Now once you configured all the settings, click on any of your friend from your online friends and tell him to install this plugin and get ready with web cam. Once he also configure his system, you both can start video chat. All you need to do is to click on a icon available on your chat window and then your video chat will start as soon he/she accepts your invitation.

18-09-2010 15-38-16

Once you start video chat, you can pop up chat window and even can resize the size of video interface on your screen. In simple click you can even switch to full screen mode and if you are not using it in full screen, then you will find it easy to move video chat window to any part of window. This tool enable you to experience the high quality video chat with your friends. You can still have a look at video below, to see more about its functionality.

Learn how to video chat in Orkut

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