Activate, Enable Or Add Status Bar In Firefox 4

Firefox 4 has been recently released you can download it from here, there are some UI changes that has been made into firefox this time which has made it sleek in looks and on the other hand faster in performance. But some of the UI changes in new firefox are more of annoying rather than useful like they have removed the status bar in firefox 4.

3-23-2011 4-39-27 PM

In such a case, those who are used to see the firefox status bar can no more see it in latest version of firefox, however there is a way to add the status bar in firefox 4, follow the procedure below to do it.

Enable Status Bar In Firefox 4

Open and run firefox 4, right click on the firefox window on the right side + sign and then check the option which says Add on Bar as shown in the image below.

3-23-2011 4-49-04 PM

Once you do the above, you will see the status bar enabled with progress bar shown on the bottom right corner of the firefox 4 window.

3-23-2011 4-44-06 PM

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