Access Windows Desktop Icons, Shortcuts Without Minimizing Running Programs & Windows Opened

There are times when you need may want to access the desktop icons and shortcuts to programs on your windows desktop, but you may have so many programs running or some windows already opened n front of you, acquiring most part of your monitor screen. At such times you will need to minimize all the running programs and windows you can press Window Key + D to show your desktop or move the mouse cursor to extreme right on the windows taskbar, it will show the desktop preview or press the small button to show the desktop.

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Desk Topmost is a small and handy tool that provides a handy alternative to the "Show Desktop" feature that comes with Windows. Instead of minimizing all your active Windows, Desk Topmost floats your desktop transparently on the top of all other windows.

You can quickly access your desktop shortcuts without having to minimize any of your windows and automatically return to your normal desktop after clicking on a shortcut. Be default, the application uses CTRL+ALT+D to float the desktop but you can change this, as well as transparency levels, from the configuration dialog as shown in the image below.

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You can any time change the shortcut to show the desktop icons and shortcuts and also change the transparency as shown in the image below.

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When you press this application shortcut to show the desktop icons, below is the snapshot how it will show the desktop icons

show desktop icons without minimizing programs

You can download Desk Topmost from here or try the links below for downloading the version as per your operating system.

For Windows 2000, Xp, 2003 users:  DeskTopmost_Xp.exe
For Windows Vista, 2008, 7 users:  DeskTopmost_Vista.exe

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