Access, Use Google Bookmarks In Google Chrome Quickly Without Visiting The Website

There are times when you may want to use or access the google bookmarks stored online under your google account, just to refer a web page link which you have previously bookmarked as such time the only way to access or use google bookmarks earlier was to open

But now if you are using google chrome you can easily access the online stored google bookmarks by using some extensions for google chrome like Google Bookmarks which can display google bookmarks just by clicking the extension icon, you can manage or add more bookmarks, you can do a search in your google bookmarks right away and more importantly it is very light extension on google chrome as well, you can get an idea how this extension works through some screenshots below.


You can also open all the links under a specific tag on google bookmarks directly as shown in the image below.


Another similar extensions for google chrome which lets you access google bookmarks under google chrome without visiting the website is Google Bookmarks Finder & Shortcut For Google Bookmarks but none of these extensions are as good to access or manage google bookmarks extension mentioned above.

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