Access, Use Another Gmail Account Under Your Existing Gmail Account

Google keeps on making changes frequently and we have always appreciated that as Google always tries to maintain the interest of their users in the application by providing them something new every day. Today they have introduced a very nice feature in the settings option or I should say that in settings under Accounts tab (specifically). In this post I will be telling you that how you can use this feature to avoid the problem faced while switching the accounts.


Many of us might be having multiple accounts of Gmail, some of us prefer to do so in order to keep our official and personal e-mail IDs separate and it really becomes tedious if you want to use them again and again. Till now if you had two accounts then you might have used Icognito Windows of Google Chrome browser but if you were supposed to open more than two accounts simultaneously then what will you do? Till today that answer was difficult but with this new feature developed by Google can make you handle multiple accounts of Google without signing in and out repeatedly.

You can see the snapshot shown above; it is the new feature which can now be seen in the Gmail settings. Just click that button and then it will ask you the e-mail address of the accounts which you want to add, after you enter the e-mail address a confirmation mail will go to your account which is supposed to be accepted if you want to switch between one and other Gmail accounts. Now this will help you to check into different Gmail, Google reader, Google Docs and all the other applications within a single click without even entering the user ID and password again and again. You will see the drop drown menu besides the e-mail address written on the top of the Google home page or any other page like Gmail, Google Reader or any other similar web-serivce. Now you will just have to click that drop down menu and then you can switch to any of the account mentioned in that list.

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