Access USB Pen Drive Files and Folders Remotely On Internet and LAN Network with USB Redirector Lite [How To]

USB Redirector Lite is a free application which allows you to access the contents of any USB Portable Drive on a local area network, or you can also remotely read any removable drive via Internet also, but for remote access you will need to install this tool on your computer which should be connected to internet so that you can access files on USB drive via internet.

You can share and access the USB Drives in between cross platform machine like and windows and linux and also between 32 bit and 64 bit versions of windows. It has both the server and client module in only on package, more over you can auto connect the remote USB Devices as soon as they become available for connection via internet or on local area network. It also allows you place a black list which cannot connect to your USB Drive remotely.

Here is the simple guide which explains how to share and access drive shared with USB Redirector Lite

Prerequisite:  USB Redirector need to be installed on both computers the one which has the drive physically connected and the one from which you want to access the remotely connected drive

1. (USB Server side) – computer where you’re going to share physically connected USB device.

2. (USB client side) – computer where you’re going to use remote USB device.


Step 1. Share USB Drive on USB Server side

Connect the USB Drive Physically in the USB port and run USB Redirector. Now at the USB Redirector, to share USB device you need to select the device from the list and click button Sharing->Share USB Device.


Step 2. Add USB Server to USB client side

Run USB Redirector Lite or USB Redirector, now in order to connect shared USB devices from the USB Server side, choose Connect->Add USB Servers in the toolbar of USB Redirector Lite. then you will see a new dialog box below in which you will need to enter the IP Address or The Host Name

Note: If connection is successful you will see the list of USB devices that are shared on the remote computer at the moment and you can access the same.

Step 3. Access USB device from USB client side

Select the USB device you need to connect and press Connect->Connect USB Device. (as shown in the image below)

Note: There is one catch here USB Redirector is Shareware and USB Redirector Lite is Freeware

Download USB Redirector Lite Client | Download USB Redirector

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