Access, Post Updates To Facebook, Twitter, Read Gmail From Windows 7 Taskbar

In your Android phone or in your iPhone, whenever you get a new mail on GMail or whenever you get a notification on Facebook, then you see a number over the icon of that application indicating the number of applications or the number of notifications for Facebook. This is the best about these applications over the mobiles. You need not to open the browsers to get the information as you do it on your computer. In this post I will tell you about a website with the help of which you can download such applications of GMail, Facebook, Twitter and many more on your computer.

facebook in windows taskbar

You can call this website as Pokki and the tools provided by them will help you to get the experience of mobile-type applications on your computer. Logon to the website mentioned below at the end of the post and there you will see the list of all the applications named Pokkis on the left hand side buttons of the webpage. Now select any of the pokkis, like I went to for using the Pokki for GMail as mentioned in the screenshot below.

8-9-2011 12-45-54 PM

Just follow the steps to know how to use this tool, follow the procedure below.

You arrive to the downloading page and if downloading does not starts on its own then you will have to click the link mentioned at the left hand side bottom of the post mentioned below in the screenshot.



Now, you will see a window, where Continue is to be clicked and then it will automatically download and install that mini application of the web-services like GMail and Facebook.


And then when the installations completes you will see a small icon at the beginning of the taskbar, Now upon clicking it you will see a window as mentioned in the snapshot below.


You will have to enter the credentials of that web-service like that of GMail and then you will be able to get the notification of any new mail by the help of a number on the icon and you will be able to read that by just clicking on that mail and if you want to perform any other operation then you will have to click on any of the mail and then you will be taken to the window of the default browser. It will be good experience for you to work with these pokkis, please let us know if you face any issue while using them.

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