A Less Known Windows 7 Taskbar Tip

Today we will be sharing a small tip with you which can prove to be a very good time pass for you. Before you get on to any conclusion, let me tell you that we are not going to use any freeware or any other paid application or any other game for this purpose. It some thing that we discovered on Windows 7 and I hope that many of you would like. In this post I will not be solving any of your problem but yes I can make you have fun with Windows 7 without using any of the freewares or any game application which is pre-installed on the system. So, go on reading it, I hope it will be interesting.


From the snapshot shown above, you can easily guess that this tip has something to so with the icon available on the taskbar. Even if you cannot get any idea with this snapshot then I have also attached a video in it which will surely help you. Now this is nothing hard but a simple animation which you can see while dragging the icon on the taskbar up and down.

A small funny tip for Windows 7

You can follow the steps to do the same, which you have seen the video uploaded above.

  • If you have opened any application then take you mouse pointer near to the icon on the taskbar. Now strike a left click on it but do not leave the pressed button.
  • Keep pressing it and start dragging the icon up and down and you will see the exact animation which can be seen in the video shown above.
  • The menu which pops up when we right click the icon, will be moving with your pointer up and down.

Make sure the Operating system in your system is Windows 7 and the aero-effects should also be switched ON, we have checked it only in Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition and if you have anything to share with us regarding it then please let us know by putting it in the comments section. We will be glad to reply you or share that information with others. So, keep reading and have a nice day!!!

Source – [ HowToGeek Forums ]

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