A Happy New Year To Readers From TechnixUpdate Team

We would like to wish a very happy new year to all the readers of TechnixUpdate.com, hope you all are enjoying our articles, do let us know if you want us to cover some topic related to computers which we are not covering. We are going to expand on the topic front this year, you will see articles on wordpress tips, web startups and lot more other diverse topic related to technology.


More Authors

Right now TechnixUpdate is being authored by Abhishek [ www.abhishekbhatnagar.com ] and Rohit [ www.rohitkhurana.com ], we are planning add some more authors to the site which will post more on other diverse tips related to internet, productivity and linux etc.

More Articles

You will see more articles getting published each day, more useful softwares getting covered, some rarest tips and tricks and more articles on different new topics and we will start cover almost everything latest related to technology and computers.

Lot More In 2010

By the end of 2010 lot more is going to happen here, stay tuned to check out. Thanks to everyone who has made TechnixUpdate what it is now, it is one of the focussed blog as said by readers on technology and computers. We will get more creative in this coming year 2010 and enhance it with our ideas to make it a better place on web to visit.       

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