A Digital Day With Samsung Tab 7 Inch [Photos, Review]

When we used a samsung tab, there was a day when we used it for a day long while we were on the go, I decided to use my mtnl 3g sim card in it use samsung tab while we on the way to a meeting, one my friend Nikhil Chawla who was with us, he took all these amazing photos you can see below while we were using the samsung tab to its full capabilities.


While on our way, we used the samsung tab with 3g connection for reading emails, watching videos, reading newspaper, browsing photos and used samsung tab for navigation purpose also on our way in car. It worked perfectly in most these scenarios.

In all we loved our digital journey with samsung tab, it is really a device which gives you the feeling of being connected all the time while you are on the go and also being very portable as you can hold it on your one hand without any issues, For indian users samsung tab 7 could be a nice option which is worth the price as per the features its offering.

Samsung Tab Digital Day Out Journey Photos


Check Out Some Videos Of Galaxy Tab Below

We recorded some videos during our review of samsung tab, you can watch them below, we hope you like them, do let us know if we did miss some thing which you wanted to know about samsung tab.

Our Video Review Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Inch


Unboxing Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Inch

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The day I started using it, I was using it to make my life more digital and connected to my peers all the time while I am on the move, you can read my user experience at the tag #lovingthetab on twitter.

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