9 IE9 Tweaks, Tips To Make It Productive In Use

Internet Explorer 9 have been recently released and am sure that you must have appreciated it. It has better graphical interface, faster than previous versions of internet explorers and is purely focussed on webpage to give you a better browsing experience. Although it have tried to add more features and options but still some of its areas need refinement like tweaking the browser’s settings.

So today we are going to tell you about a new application named IE9 Tweaker which will allow you to tweak some of the important setting in IE9. Microsoft has released the beta version of IE9 and it is in news that final version of IE9 is going to launch soon. So developer has made this tool keeping in mind about the latest version and it is likely that it will work fine in the final version of the browser as well.

04-10-2010 00-36-35

This is the main window of this tool. IE9 Tweaker is a nifty and light weight utility and it even requires no installation. This tool is a freeware and best part is that you can carry it on any potable medium and run on any PC. As you can see in above snapshot, there are lots of option given in this tool using which you can customize your IE9 settings.

You are just required to click on checkboxes to enable any desired option. The various options available and there functioning is as follow.

  • Menubar Always Visible :- You must have noticed that IE9 doesn’t displays the menu bar. So you may find it difficult to edit some of the basic settings of the browser. So enabling this option will make your menu bar always visible.

04-10-2010 00-49-09

  • Menubar On Top :- As the name suggests, this option will put the Menubar on the top of IE9 default taskbar. You can see below that where exactly it shifts the location of Menubar.

04-10-2010 00-53-40

  • In Private Filtering :- You can click on this option to enable In Private Filtering. This security feature is same as that earlier existed in IE8 and still if you want to know more about it, you can read my previous post from this link.
  • 3D Border :- This option will allow you to set a 3 dimensional Border between the toolbar and web window. Hence it will give you a really cool appearance for your IE9. Please make sure that enabling 3D effects always effect your PC performance.
  • Start IE in Fullscreen :- As the name suggest, this option will let your web pages to open always in full screen. So you won’t need to press F11 to switch to full screen every time you oven your IE9. To switch back to normal view, press F11.
  • Small Icons on Toolbar :- You can enable this option to reduce the size of icons on the IE9 toolbar.
  • Max Downloads :- You can customize this option according to speed of your browser and also on your requirements. If you downloads many files simultaneously, then you can increase the number in box which is by default 2. We suggest you to configure this option according to your connection’s speed and downloading more files simultaneously always slows down your browser’s speed.
  • Max Rows in New Tab Page :- If you have habit of opening numerous web pages while browsing, then you can customize this option so that visibility of your tabs doesn’t get effected when you tried to increase them beyond second line.
  • Create Custom Favorites Homepage :- So from here you can add a maximum of 12 web pages in your favorites one by simply choosing a Display name for then and then giving its web address in the adjacent box. You can even select the homepage from any on the desired favorite pages by enabling the option given at bottom. Once done click on Create and then Close this Window. This tool will then add all those pages on the homepage of your IE9 and you can even choose a Homepage Title.

04-10-2010 01-18-50

The size of this nifty utility is just 136 Kb and you can run it directly from its exe file present in the RAR file. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download IE9 Tweaker

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