7Capture – High Quality Screen Capture – Fixes Aero Problems Like Rounded Corners and Semi Transparent Windows While Capturing Screenshots

7capture is a free screenshot capturing program designed to be a fast and easy with high quality screen capturing, it automatically handles complicated transparency problems such as rounded corners and Aero semi-transparent windows backgrounds.

Here are images shown below the first one is taken with a popular screen capturing program. We all know the name :P 


Second one is taken with 7capture shown in the image below


If you compare the images shown below you can see how complicated transparency problems are being handled with 7capture which gives a better looking screen shot of windows media player window. This programs works for all version of windows including XP, Vista and Windows 7 to capture better looking high quality screenshots.

Note: 7capture is completely free and does not contain any spyware, adware or malware – it is free and safe to use. It is a free software: for personal or commercial use, you can use it any way you like on any number of computers.

Download 7capture | 7capture Homepage

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