7 New Features Rolled Out In New Youtube Homepage

Youtube new homepage is now rolled out for everyone, in order to take a look, you will need to sign in to the google account. Below is a snapshot of new youtube homepage which I had just taken, as it seems it has become more easy and helpful in finding the videos you want to see.

1-21-2011 1-46-20 AM

On the whole following are the new features which gets introduced with new design of youtube homepage.

  • Combined list – Merges your subscriptions, friend activity, and recommendations into one easier-to-scan list
  • Don’t miss a video – If a channel uploads 4 videos in a day, you’ll see all 4 – instead of just the latest video
  • Delete anything – Hover over any video you don’t want to watch and click ‘x’
  • Or just grey it out – Videos you’ve already watched will be greyed out – so even without deleting, you’ll know where you left off
  • Help me re-find stuff I just watched – Your homepage will include your recent likes and favorites so you can easily get back to them
  • Easy inbox – Links to your inbox (personal messages & comments) are front and center
  • Load much more – Watch older videos – all without leaving the homepage

Quick tip: If you only care about your subscriptions, just click on "Subscription uploads" at the top to see all the videos from channels you are subscribed.

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