7 New Features Of Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 beta has been released, you can download it from here.


We already posted some tips for firefox 4 beta like how to move tabs on top to below the address bar. For those who are wondering, below are some new features added in firefox 4 beta.

1. Tabs are now on top by default

2. Menu bar has been replaced 

3. Search for already opened site and switch to already open tabs in Smart Location Bar

4. New Addons Manager and extension management has become more better and easy

5. The stop and reload buttons have been merged together in a single button

6. The bookmarks Toolbar has been replaced with a bookmarks button for easy and quick access of bookmarks

7. Crash protection when there is a crash in Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins [ This features make google chrome crash many times, but till now no one has added any fi to google chrome other than restart ]

Here is the detailed review of all these new features which came in with firefox 4 beta

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