7 New Features Explained In Mango Update For Windows Phone 7 OS

Right now if we compare the number of Android phones and the Windows Phone 7 phones, then for sure Android number will be high, simply because all the users want to use Google Applications and web services on their phone. But Microsoft is also thinking about this and that is the reason they have decided to upgrade the mobile OS with Mango update and they assure that this update will the OS quite different from all the mobile OS available in this market. In this post we will talk that what features are going to get induced in the phone which will make it unique.


They say that nowadays OS are nothing but the application launchers and so they will try to make Windows Phone 7 more interactive than others. The features which will be introduced after installing the Mango update are mentioned as follows.

  • It will make the mobile more oriented towards users rather than application oriented as the users will be able to use different applications simultaneously for a single user. For Example you will be able to switch into chats of different application with respect to a single user.
  • You will be able to see all the mails of different –email accounts under a single Inbox.
  • You will be able to interact better with your friends by the Personalized Live Tiles.
  • You will be able to combine the users into a certain group and then you will see the updates of all the contacts under that group over different Social Networking Sites simultaneously.
  • Messaging will become faster as you will be able to convert your speech to the text and vice versa.
  • The new browser or I should say the updated version of internet Explorer will also have the support of HTML5.
  • Visual Search is also one of the latest features which no one would have expected, you can initiate the Bing search by take a photograph of any Barcode or the Microsoft Code, let me tell you that this feature is enabled by default and there is no use of going for any third party application for this.

All of the points stated above make the OS more interactive towards user and I can also estimate the reason for doing so as now they have joined hands with Nokia and the new series of those phones is yet to be released. So you can mark these improvements as the preparation for the war which will be fought between Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS. I hope that this information was quite useful to you, is you have got any new information related to it, please let us know about it. Just remember to put them in the comments section.

In order to see all these new features in action in the upcoming mango update watch the videos below.

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