6 New Features In Windows Live Essentials Beta Wave 4

Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta has been released, we previously posted about how can you download windows live essentials beta wave 4 full installer. This time windows live essentials has come out with some great new innovative features.


Following are some list of new features got added to windows live essentials

Facial Recognition – Now all those photos you upload to windows live gallery, can recognize the photo with your face automatically. This technology that makes tagging & organizing your pictures intuitive & effortless based on previously tagged photographs.

Retouch – Enhance your photos with the new this feature that gets rid of blemishes, scratches, bruises and stains on photos in a few clicks

Batch Auto Adjust – It is another perfect tool – fine-tunes the exposure, color balance and sharpness in photos in a matter of moments, allowing people to take their photos’ quality from good to great without specialized editing skills or expensive software.

New Auto Movie themes - It allows you to streamline your movie making process & gives you more tools to play with to touch up your photos and videos in mere minutes.

Precision Video and Audio Editing – It has now better photos and video editing feature and functions to make your life more easier.

High-Definition Formats  (720p and 1080p) HD format video are supported to make movies look even more polished and professional

With new Windows Live Essentials you can now have your very own personal studio on your PC and give a professional finish to your photographs & videos. What’s more exciting is that once your cinematic masterpiece is ready you can broadcast it to the world and upload your videos & pictures on Facebook, YouTube & Skydrive – all with a single click.

Download Windows Live Essentials Beta Wave 4 [ Web Installer ]

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