5 Top Rated Free Windows Dictionary Tools To Know Meaning of Every Word

Many times we face problems in understanding the meaning of a word while reading a Novel, Newspaper, Watching TV shows or movies if it’s not in our first language. Therefore we have something known as a dictionary to help us in understanding the meaning of the words we find difficult to understand. A Dictionary helps us to understand any word with its thesaurus. A Dictionary also helps us in understanding the translation of the word apart from its meaning. In today’s world where IT has reached its highest peak we have got all the things that are digitally available to us. Nowadays there are many Dictionaries and Translation software’s available to find the meaning of the word as well as to learn their translation. You can find many such software’s in the market but most of them are paid but today I have got a free Dictionary as well as a translation software i.e. Wordweb. 


This is how the application’s GUI will look when you will run the application for the first time after downloading and  installing on your computer.


After you will download and install the software in your computer it will show you an Wordweb icon in the system tray. Which means after the software is installed in your computer it will always run in the system background in the system tray of your computer until your computer is running. You will see a Wordweb icon in your system tray all the time and you can access your Wordweb dictionary from this icon. When you will right click on it the above menu will open up with following options Show WordWeb, Look on the Web, Change hot keys, Disable hot keys, Disable direct program links and help and exit. The Show WordWeb option will open the desktop dictionary window for you and Look on the Web will open the Wordweb in your web browser if you are connected to the internet so that you can search the meaning of the word you want.


The Change hot keys option will open the above window which will help you to set up a hot key to open the dictionary from the keyboard only so that you don’t have to use you mouse every time to open the menu and then open the dictionary. The hot key option will allow you to make a hotkey on the keyboard as well as on the mouse. The Disable hot keys option will disable the hot key that you have made to open the dictionary from the keyboard as well as mouse.


The above screenshot shows the Wordweb dictionary software in which we have searched for the meaning of word. The software shows us its meaning and also tells us about the Synonyms, Antonyms, Type of, Similar and and many more things about the word that we have searched simultaneously. We can also sort the words in the above mentioned categories on the basis of Nouns, Adverbs, Verbs and Adjectives. If we open the Web References tab in the red circle and you are connected to the internet then it will open three new tabs for you i.e. Wikipedia, Wiktionary and WordWeb Online to tell you everything you need to know about the word that you searched from every perspective.


The above screenshot shows us the three tabs i.e. Wikipedia, Wiktionary and WordWeb Online that you will get once you will click on the Web References tab. The black arrow points to a button which will allow you to hear the correct pronunciation of the word that you have searched and its hot key is (Ctrl + S). The red arrow directly gives you an option to open the word’s meaning in the web browser.

According to me Wordweb offline dictionary is the best option in terms of features, reliability, compatibility, GUI and its user friendliness if we are looking for applications in this category but I have got some more similar applications, you can also check them out in case you would like to explore more.

Other Similar Tools

Lingoes :- This is a dictionary cum text translation software. It offers translation in over 80 languages like French, German, English, Russian, Greek, Polish etc.

TheSage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus :- This software package is a combination of complete dictionary and multifaceted thesaurus for professionals.

Voca :- This Dictionary is available for Windows as well as Linux. It is very useful to learn Foreign Languages as well as its vocabulary.

McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme :- This is a must have rhyming dictionary for any musician, writer or lyricist.

StarDict :- This is a Cross-Platform and international dictionary software. It has many wonderful features like Glob-style pattern matching, Scan selection word, Fuzzy query and many more.

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