4 Ways To Stop, Disable or Temp. Turn Off Mobile Data APN Settings For 3G/2G/EDGE/GPRS On Android Phone

Many times we would like our android phone not to use the Mobile data connection settings when there is wifi available, as some times even when WiFi is available your android phone may use 3G/EDGE or GPRS when it is sleeping state, I have seen this happening in my nexus one – when it toggles to wifi after some seconds after resuming from locking state, however this time is very short but I still don’t want it to use 3G in any case when wi fi network is available.

So, in order to stop my nexus one to stop using 3G / EDGE / 2G / GPRS, I tried following methods below.

I use MTNL 3G on my nexus in Delhi, so in the beginning when I was not much aware about the software already on android market which allows to toggle to turn off 3G / EDGE / 2G / GPRS. I used to manually make my mobile data connection settings go wrong by removing some words in the apn access point name.

Manually Disrupt Mobile Data Connection Settings – Method 1

On Your android phone, go to settings >> wireless & network settings >> Mobile networks >> Access Point Names and then under apn settings potentially change the apn access point name as shown below.


The above method could be very time consuming and not easy to do, as you may potentially make your own apn settings inactive if you did some mistake.

Use APNDroid To Toggle Mobile Data Connection – Method 2

APNDroid is free, widely used software available on android market which allows you to turn off the mobile data connection through easy toggle button in its interface.


Still, I would not recommend you to install APNDroid as it does not work properly on all android phones including nexus one and some more, and there are some really bad user experince comments I saw for this app in android market. For some people it messed up the apn settings on their devices.

Use Quick Settings To Disable Mobile Data Connection Including 3G / EDGE / 2G / GPRS / MMS – Method 3

This application much better then APNDroid for the same purpose,  it works better and faster, provides more options and it is also a free app available at android market.


If none of the above apps works for you, then follow the steps given below.

Disable Mobile Internet Connection Through Dialer – Method 4

  • Open dialer.
  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* to open “Testing” screen.
  • Tap on Phone Information.
  • Press the Menu key or button.
  • Tap on More.
  • Tap on Disable data connection to disconnect and make inactive any data connection immediately.
  • Tap on Disable data on boot to disable data connection on next boot up.

Note: Both options can be selected concurrently as shown in the image below .


We hope you get your problem solved though atleast one of the method mentioned above, if still it does not help please let us know through comments we would love to help in that case :)


  1. ratchetandclank says

    Extremely useful article.. Thanks a ton.. It saved me a lot of time to figure and finding out how to do it. I am a prepaid airtel customer and this phone was eating away my balance, vigorously.. QuickSettings worked like a charm.

  2. Masclatpete says

    A very useful article.
    Last night I’d let a friend try my new Samsung Galaxy and they’d clicked on Youtube without my knowledge. By the time I’d got home virtually all my prepaid credit had gone.
    I googled my problem found your site and I’ve downloaded the “Quick Settings” program and it works just great.

    Thank you very much :-)

  3. AJ says

    thanks i was tryin to get it 4 weeks and it stole all my credit
    quick settings worked great i was even goin 2 get a new phone but now i can keep my samsung galaxy apollo yay :)

  4. xdancexo says

    thanks so much, the 3G was wasting all of my credit when wifi turned off while i was out of the house ‘quicksettings’ worked great on my samsung galaxy apollo thanks for this article, very useful

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