36 Android Phone Tips, Hacks and Tweaks

I have been using nexus one from more than a month now, it is an amazing phones with some really cool features and capabilities, today I share some tips, tweaks and hacks about nexus one with which you can be more productive with your own nexus one and use it to full.

Following are some tips I found while using nexus one

1. Live Wallpaper or Static Wallpaper  – Just press and hold your finger in the empty area of the home screen anywhere, it will ask you to set live wallpapers or static wallpapers.

2. Press and hold your finger on any image in the gallery to share it via email, bluetooth, twitter, facebook if the apps of facebook or twitter installed on your android phone.

3. Press the power button at the top to turn the phone into silent mode or power it off

4. Connect to computer using USB cable, and then mount the phone to use it as a USB drive

5. Press and hold any app icon to place it on the home screen or move the app anywhere on the home screens

6. Press the Home soft key and hold for a second you will see the recently used application on nexus one

7. Press the Search soft key and hold for a second you can do a voice search over contacts and dial them

8. Press and hold the status bar at the top and drag it down to see the notifications

9. Add widgets, shortcuts, folders by pressing and hold your finger on the empty area of the screen

10. Upload a camera taken picture to google account picasa web album

11. Turn off GPS, Mobile Data, Wi Fi To save battery

12. Under Settings  >> Applications – check unknown sources so that you can install apps other than from android market

13. Sync Facebook and or Google Contacts on your nexus one

14. Under Settings >> Location and Security to set your custom unlocking pattern for your nexus one

15. Install Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz widgets for easy social networking

16. Read the latest weather and news updates with news and weather widget.

17. Display the Keyboard by pressing and hold your finger in the settings soft key

18. Open Dialer and then dial *#*#46363#*#* and the scroll down and then set WCDMA  Preferred so it catches 3G signal

19. Under Settings >> Wireless and Networks >> Mobile Networks – check use 2G networks only to disable 3G [ Do this if there is no signal ]

20. Stop Vibrate when pressing soft keys – Under Settings >> Sound & Display Settings – Uncheck Haptic Feedback to disable vibrate while pressing soft keys

21. Stop Applications to Connect to internet in background, send and receive data – Under Settings >> Accounts and Settings – Uncheck background data to stop applications connecting to internet on your nexus one

22. Lock Orientation on phone rotation – Under Settings >> Sound and Display – Uncheck Orientation to disable rotation sensor.

23. Get to know which process are using the battery and how much percentage – Under Settings >> About Phone >> Battery Use.

24. Know the firmware version of your google nexus one – Under Settings >> About Phone >> Firmware Version

25. Set mp3 file or portion as mp3 ringtone ringdroid app, you can find in

26. Copy/Paste Text Files and press and hold finger over the text it will give the option to copy or paste except.

27. Display battery bar in status bar, by installing Battery Indicator from android market

28. Toggle settings quickly by installing quick settings from android market

29. Install Tube Downloader or Dolphin Browser From Android market to download youtube videos on your android phone

30. Open Email default app, click the settings soft key button and go to settings – disable email notifications sound, add signature and disable vibrate on new mails.

31. Press and Hold Contacts to set them as favourites

32. Capture Videos and upload to youtube directly from nexus one using wifi or 3g

33. Specify what to search Under Settings >> Search >> Searchable items

34. Backup phone data and settings automatically – Under Settings >> Privacy – Check Back up my data

35. Remove your location to be traced or used while searching on google – Under Settings >> Privacy – Uncheck Use My Location

36. Perform a factory reset – Under Settings >> Privacy – Factory Data Reset

We hope you found these nexus one tips helpful, you can read more android phone tips we have written here on this blog before.

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