$35 Indian Tablet Coming Soon…

So, finally a computer device, which can help us to browse the net, to have a video conferencing, to save or to write any text and to do all the other things which are supposed to be the basic necessities from a computer, will be available at $35.

This astonishing news was disposed by HRD minister Sh. Kapil Sibal. It was really a great effort by the government researchers and obviously, it would not have been possible with the young minds from IITs and IISc. Students form B.Tech and M.Tech batch also played a vital role in developing the motherboard and the other key components and no doubt they all did this under the inspiration and guidance of their mentors, professors and experts.

This is really a great achievement for our country, keeping in mind about the $100 laptop developed by MIT students, which were used non-profit One Children One Laptop Program. Now, we can really estimate about the excess price marked for iPads by Apple. It was also mentioned during this release that the research will still go on to reduce these prices till $20 or $10. This will be really beneficial for the poor students, for whom having a computer was not possible.

During the release HRD minister showed the prototype of that product and it was even smaller than a iPad, So atleast it has a single advantage over iPad (excluding the price). It was also mentioned that this device will run on a variant of Linux, it will not have any internal storage but you can store any data on external memory card,  it also has a feature of video conferencing, it has an in-built word processor which will support the formats like TXT, DOC and DOCX and a web browser. Apart from these it will also have a multimedia viewer which can read the formats like BMP, GIF, AC3, AVI, BMP and many more.

But still some of the info was not disclosed like, we don’t know about the processor which will be used and we also don’t know what Ram will it have. Till now only the prototype has been released, it has not gone under manufacturing yet as they are still searching the mass producer of this device. I am sure that once it gets into market, people who do not use their laptop form heavy games and applications, will go for these products and it may also happen that the users may buy it and keep it along with their other laptops, because of its size and weight.

We will keep you updated with more news about this [ Approx INR 1700 ]$35 Indian Tablet, stay tuned to catch more updates on this.

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