3 Ways To Solve, Fix iPod, iPhone Does Not Show Up In iTunes For Sync [ Not Recognized In iTunes ]

Recently, I faced a problem when I connected my iPhone to my computer with the USB Cable that came with iPhone, I found that my iphone got detected and displayed in my computer where I could access all the camera taken pictures but when when I ran iTunes it does not show up and was not recognised in windows.

I did some googling around issues and came to know the following fixes to this problem, read below.

Please Note: Whether your iPhone or iPod is jailbreaked or not it does not affect this problem of getting detected in iTunes, as far as my experience is concerned.

After some I came to know that apple mobile device service could be the reason for this problem. I checked the running services on the services tab in task manager and found that apple mobile device service was running properly, another reason to could be corrupted apple mobile device drivers or this could be due to the older version of windows.

Method 1: If Apple Mobile Device Driver Is Not Running

Go to Start Menu >> Run and type Services.msc and press Enter or press ok button


Under services, find and locate mobile device driver service and start it if it is stopped, restart it if it is running already.


Restarting this service might result in solution to the problem, you may see iphone or ipod touch getting shown up in iTunes. If it does not solve your problem then follow other methods given below.

Method 2: Uninstalling The Corrupted Apple Mobile Device Drives

1. Open Start Menu, Right click on Computer and select manage.


This will open up computer management in windows 7, however you can locate device manager quite differently in other version of windows like vista and xp, if you can’t find it just search for it.

2. Click "Device Manager" shown in the left tab


4- Find and maximize "Universal Serial Bus controllers"
5- Right click "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver". Click "Uninstall" (If it’s not installed, get it with Itunes.)
If it doesn’t all work out right there, unplug, replug you iPod or iPhone and you should be good. 

Method 3: Updates iTunes To Latest Version Available

To do this, open and run iTunes and go to help >> select check for updates as shown in the image below.


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  1. Don says

    Method 2 worked for me! Many thanks! I had struggled with this for a while and even after a reinstall things stopped working after a while. I suspect something to do with Win7’s and iTunes/MobileService interaction. As you stated, I see the phone in MyComputer and can access my pictures on it, but iTunes just won’t have it show up until a uninstall of the USB driver and re-detect of the iphone.

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