3 Ways To Find, Reveal Mobile Phone Number Of Facebook Friends

Facebook has been growing so rapidly among all the social network, right now it the most popular social network in the world. I am connected to almost all my friends on facebook and other professional contacts as well, these days people kill so much of their time on facebook.

Just in case last time when I lost my phonebook while transferring it from the old phone to the new phone, at that time I recovered the phone numbers of many of my friends via facebook, there can be 3 ways to access or view phone numbers of your facebook buddies, read about three ways to know.

Please Note that you can only get to know the phone number of those who are your facebook friends, not of every facebook user.

1. First simple way to access the facebook phone number of a person is to login to your facebook account and visit the facebook profile of that person and then click the info tab, scroll down to see the phone number.

 10-21-2010 7-01-16 PM

You will only see the phone number if that person has entered it on his profile.

2. Another way to access the phone number of all your facebook friends to access the web based phonebook on facebook at this link, where you can see the numbers and search friends too to find their phone numbers.

10-21-2010 7-18-35 PM

As shown in the image above, once you are logged in you will see the name and phone numbers of all your facebook friends.

3. Third way to access the phone number of your facebook friends is to connect to facebook to skype, you can follow our guide here to add facebook to skype. Once you have connected you can see the phone number of all your facebook friends in skype and quickly switch to phonebook anytime as shown in the image below.

10-21-2010 7-23-52 PM

Skype can also allow you to send sms or call your facebook friend on their mobile phone numbers which is again a great feature for those who would like to use it.

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