3 Useful Chrome Extensions For Google+ or Google Plus

Google has rolled out google+ which is social networking attempt from them – as per the initial expressions it looks and behave much like facebook but its really much more powerful in terms of functionality and very good in terms of the privacy it allows you to maintain while using google+

Just in case you are using google chrome on your computer, we will today tell you about some useful google chrome extensions which you can install the following extensions to make the most out of google+

The first extension from the list is Google Plus which adds the direct shortcut to google plus website in new tab as apps as shown in the image below.

Picture 1.png

Another useful google+ google chrome extension is called Notification Count for Google Plus which displays the unread google+ notifications in the google chrome toolbar as shown in the image below.

Picture 2.png

Some other features about the extension are

1. Checks for any unread notifications of your Google Plus every minute, and displays unread notification count on your browser extension toolbar.

2. Click to open a tab to read all notifications.

Another one the most annoying thing users these days are facing in google+ that is, it does not allow posting an update or sharing it on facebook or twitter from google+, there is no option which does that.

This google chrome extension is called Extended Share for Google Plus is a Google Chrome browser extension when installed displays ‘Send to’ link next to your posts on Google Plus.

Once you click this link to share some posts or update from google+ to post it on twitter or facebook, it allows you to share that update as shown in the image below.

Picture 3.png

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