3 Things You Can Do With New Facebook Messages

New Facebook Messages has been started rolling out for most the facebook users now, I got new facebook today. Facebook messages has changed a lot which I realized after upgrading to new facebook messages layout on my facebook profile. It has become much like any other email like gmail  and yahoo mail etc as you can now send mails to any other account using facebook to any of your friend or any non facebook user using email id.

People can also reply to the mail you have sent using facebook, as they will reply to your facebook email id which will be your facebook username@facebook.com, you might get to see the new facebook messages upgrade pop up as shown in the image below or else you can use this trick to get new facebook messages on your profile.  

With new facebook messages you can do the following things, as illustrated below one by one.

Send Emails Using Facebook

You can send email using facebook to non facebook users, just by clicking the option new message under facebook and type the email id of that person as shown in the image below.

1-28-2011 12-37-51 PM

Send Pictures or Attachment In Facebook Message

With new facebook messages you can send file as attachment and can also send pictures as shown in the image below.

1-28-2011 5-24-38 PM

Send Text Messages To Facebook Friends

New facebook messages allows to send text messages to your facebook friends, you just need to check the text message section as shown in the image below.

1-28-2011 5-28-20 PM

Similarly, your friends can also send you text messages via facebook if you have enabled text messaging by entering your number. Facebook will not charge for the messages you receive standard messages rates will apply as per your mobile phone provider. 

1-28-2011 5-39-17 PM

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