25 Ways To Shutdown Computer Automatically

Sometimes, you want that you system should get switched off automatically, especially when you are not monitoring that system. It often happens that the tools commonly used by the users do not provide the sufficient options for the system shutdown. Thus, they are supposed to be specific while leaving their system for automatic shutdown. The freeware which I will be reviewing today will solve this problem by allotting you large number of options for automatic system shut down, the name of this tool is DShutdown.

This tool has large number of features, which I will be explaining later. I have already reviewed a similar tool knows as ‘Shutdown Timer’ but it has less features as compared to DShutdown. This tool can list out the number of systems present on your network and can shutdown them, only if you already have the right to do so. Despite if Shutting down, it has got 22 different functions which can be performed instead of shutting it down. When you will launch this tool, then your anti-virus may mark it as a threat but this freeware will not do any harm on your system as it never did anything to my system.

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The size of this tool is around 300Kb and it is portable. So you can take it anywhere on your USB drive. Once launched, two icon will be present on your tray. Besides shutting down your system, it can also perform reboot, hibernate, sleep, Standby , force shutdown, forced shutdown after for a fixed interval and many more such operation, which are visible in the snapshot of the application window mentioned above.

It can perform the above mentioned operations if your system has been left unused for a predefined period of time or if remote shutdown has been allowed and the any user is shutting down this system from another remote computer or the CPU memory usage has exceeded a certain value. You can also simply assign a timer to shutdown your system, this time allotment can be in accordance with current date and time. Lastly you have the general options which can make your tool to start with the window or you can use the default settings for the tool or you can save your own settings on exit.

This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Dshutdown.

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