23 Productive Windows 7 Hotkeys Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 7 is already the best performance operating system released till date from Microsoft, In order to be more productive you should know the windows keyboard shortcuts which can make your life easier and could allow you to do things more faster.


What Are Keyboard Shortcuts ?

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device.

We are listing here some less known keyboard shortcuts for windows 7 which can be very useful.

Window Key + Up Arrow Key – To Maximize the current focused window  

Window Key + Left Arrow Key  – To Move current window to left side of the screen

Window Key + Right Arrow Key – To Move current window to left side of the screen

Window Key + Down Arrow Key – To Minimize current focused window 

Window Key + Space Key – To Peek On Windows 7 Desktop

Window Key + T – To show the thumbnail preview of running programs

Window Key + P – To Extend Display to connected monitor

Window Key + Number from  0 to 9

Window Key + E – To Open Windows Explorer

Window Key + X – To Open Windows Mobility Center

Windows Key + Tab Key – To switch windows with aero 3d

Windows Key + Pause – To open system properties

Window Key + B – To show hidden system tray program icons

Window Key + G – To switch between several gadgets 

Ctrl + Shift + Enter – To launch a program with administrative privileges

Alt + D – To Place mouse cursor in address bar to type

Alt + Win + Number – To open jumplist

Shift + Right click on a folder – To Open command prompt from that folder

Ctrl + Esc – To open start menu

Shift+ Right click program icons in taskbar

Ctrl + Shift + Esc – To open task manager

F2 – To rename a file

Exclusive – Shift + F10 + W + F to create a new folder in windows explorer current folder

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You can get to know about all keyboard shortcuts here, still if you have a new undiscovered shortcut do share it with us through comments.


  1. danimoth2 says

    Hi, thanks, just want to add this: Ctrl+Shift+N in Windows Explorer – create a new folder

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