20 Things About Web Browsers Guide By Google

Google started with its search engine and now you can see its place in today’s scenario, they are really going ahead at an enormous rate. They have already submerged onto many things available over internet and one of the best services which they provide now days is their e-mail service known as Gmail. They have really taken many steps to organize it and they have also taken some measure to help the users to protect their account against unauthorized access. In this post I will be telling you about the new initiative which has been taken by them to that they can really help their users to a huge extent.


Google has released a Book (Don’t Get surprised it’s just a start), this book has been released in order to teach the users about the basic concepts of internet. Now this may be really helpful for your mom and dad if they are still living in their old days and get puzzled when we talk about internet. They have released this book so that user should understand about some of the basics of internet and then they should be wise enough to protect their own account. Book has been named as ’20 THINGS I LEARNT ABOUT WEB AND BROWSERS’ and it consists of all the basic concepts related to browser and internet like HTML5, plug-ins, extension, protection against phishing and other similar topics can be seen in that book.


The presentation is really very good and I am sure that you will enjoy while reading it. One of the snapshots of the book has been show in the snapshot shown above. The book has designed as if some kid is going to read it. This book cannot be downloaded and you will be able to read this book in HTML5 compatible browser only.

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