2 Ways To Create Customized Jump List In Windows 7 With AeroJump

Jump List is another useful feature introduced in windows 7, we have already shared some tips on how to remove a specific entry from JumpList, and how can you create your own jumplist in windows 7 with a program called JumpList Launcher

JumpList_thumb (1)

Today we will tell you about 2 more freeware programs with which you can create a customized jumplist in windows 7, both of these are quite easy to use and allows you to create jumplist with your own programs and shortcuts, read on further to know more about these free programs.

Windows 7 App Launcher – In order to create a jumplist with application you will need to create a profile in App Launcher, then add the applications of your choice with this program to create a jumplist of all these programs. [ as shown in the image below ]


After adding the applications click the button to add it to your custom jumplist, to save a jumplist in your current profile click on Save/Update button.

Download Windows 7 App Launcher

AeroJump – It is another free program which allows you to create custom jumplist, with your own programs and shortcuts just by dragging and dropping it on drag window of the program.


Through the config window, as shown below allows you to change the look and feel of your jumplist.


Note: Each tab can hold up to 20 items, and up to 5 tabs is available, you can drag and drop apps/links/folders/web shortcuts from Explorer / Start Menu  / Desktop to the drop target window.

Download AeroJump

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