2 Useful RapidShare Extensions For Google Chrome To Make Downloading Easy

If you have ever downloaded any file from rapidshare, then you must be knowing about this countdown which gets started when you try to download any file, this reverse countdown starts at around 30 seconds normally which means you need to wait whether you wish or not before you can start downloading the file from rapidshare server.

In such a case there are two useful extension which can help you download files smoothly from rapidshare, the first extension allows you to download a file quickly by removing the download counter from rapidshare. Another extension allows you to download the file automatically once the countdown is over that means you no longer need to keep a watch on the rapidshare download page.

RapidShare Countdown Remover [ via Life Rocks 2.0 ]– You just need to install this extension, and then when ever you visit rapidshare to download any file without facing the countdown.


In any case if the above extension does not work for you, or you may want the file to download automatically without any input from your side then you can try the another extension given below

RapidShare Download HelperIt will start your download once ready, RapidShare Download Helper will monitor time limitations and will auto-start your download.


Both of these above extension are useful if you download files from rapidshare and you use google chrome as a browser, We hope you like the above two extensions featured above for making downloading easy from rapidshare.

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