2 Hidden Less Known Gmail Compose Shortcuts

Gmail is a great email service by google since the time I started using it, it has provided a whole new simplistic yet powerful experience. When it comes to replying the emails fast and doing things quickly in your email box gmail is well known for its keyboard shortcuts.

Today we will tell you about two hidden non documented gmail shortcuts for composing email message, the default shortcut in gmail to compose a mail is to press c. Another two keyboard shortcuts for composing new messages is "c", but there are two undocumented shortcuts that let you compose a message, while also adding the CC (carbon copy) and the BCC (blind carbon copy) fields.

* b – compose new message and add both CC and BCC
* d – compose new message and add CC

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To use these shortcuts, you first need to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail’s settings page. Gmail is the only Google service that doesn’t enable keyboard shortcuts by default.

[ Source – Google Operating System ]

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