2 Free iPhone 4 LED Torch Light Apps On App Store

There are times when you would like to use your iphone LED flash as light torch to look at dark places, or just at night time when you are at road or for any purpose where you would like to use iphone LED flash light as there is no other light source around you.

Since day, iphone 4 got launched apple app store has been flooded with so many apps which lets you use the iphone 4 flash light as a torch light but the main catch behind most of those apps are that they offer lite version with a basic flash light to be light up provided you launch the app and then tap on the screen to turn on the flash, just in case if you want the flash to turn on automatically you will need to buy the paid version of those apps.

Till now as I have found there are only 2 free apps on the app store, which allows you to turn on the flash light just by launching the app, no additional tap is required. The first app is called LED Light screenshot below 


Second app is called iTorch4 screenshot below, both of these apps are free on the app store.


Note: Please note that long use of flash light on iphone 4 can decrease your battery life and over all backup time.


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