2 Easy Ways To Open or View Any File With Notepad

Some times irrespective of the file type, you may want it to open in notepad. In such a case there can be 2 ways to open this file in notepad one is to via a registry hack which will add open with notepad entry in the right click context menu and second method works by adding a notepad program shortcut in send to menu.

Lets discuss both of these methods one by one.

1. Add Open With Notepad In Right Click Context Menu

In this method a new entry open with notepad will get added in right click context menu, which will appear for all file types. So, you can directly open any file in notepad just by right clicking on it and selecting this option.


Registry File To Add Open With Notepad Menu | Registry File To Remove Add Open With Notepad Menu

2. Add Notepad Shortcut To Send To Menu

In order to add a notepad shortcut in send to menu, Press WIN Key + R and %USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

For Example – C:\Users\abhi\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

Now, Right click inside the explorer windows and then New >> Shortcut >> Type the location of the item [ENTER] notepad → Next → Finish


Once you have created the shortcut in Send To folder you will see the notepad entry in send to menu, so In order to open any file with notepad using send to menu right click on the file select Send To >> Notepad as shown in the image below.


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