2 Best Calculator Extensions For Google Chrome

Calculations are needed in almost every work that you do in any of the domain or field. While using the internet, you may require to perform some of the calculations and for that you have to open the calculator and then use it. But, now Google has introduced some extensions, which simply imbibe the calculator along with all its features into the browser itself. This extension simply add up a small calculator in the chrome status bar. It simply evaluates any mathematical expressions and that too in almost no time from chrome browser itself.

This extension may prove to be very useful for the students and engineers who get the maths problems from the internet and they try to use windows Calc for solving them. Bur, using this extension will save their time as it those calculations can be made in the browser itself without having to switch to any other app or window.


Some of the features that has been included in this extension are that it supports the basic maths operators i.e. +, -, /, *. It saves the sum in box so one can keep going like in a normal calculator. It uses the ^ symbol as a shortcut for Math.pow() function. It also support all the java functions that are present in Math.functions(). Along with these features there are many more features which are available with the extension and adding to it with the release of v0.4.3, many more features have been added. In the new version, more Geometry formulas, conversion formulas, Javascript math reference and other features have been added.

One can see the code by clicking on the below given link.

Status-Bar Calculator

Chromey Calculator Adds Recent Calculator History To Google Chrome

One of the similar extension to status-bar calculator is Chromey Calculator Extension. It has some of the best Google Calculator tricks, along with a helpful list of your latest calculations that you performed. It also has the ability to turn latest outcomes into variables for complex calculations.


Along with the list of latest calculations that were performed, which is helpful for easy reference, this extension lets you access the original result in Google. Along with this extension if one has also installed Chromey Calculator Enhancer then this Chromey Calculator can be quickly used with a shortcut by pressing (Alt+C) keys together. As mentioned that Chromey saves your recent results, so you can use those results to fire in some new queries in the form of expressions with the help of—”@”. It can be substituted for the previous result which has been saved by the Calc automatically and thus you can enter the values as “@ x 9.991″ instead of entering in the actual numbers. Along with these features, there are many more features which has been included with it and which can be seen from the page whose link has been given below.

Download Chromey Calculator Extension

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