18 Useful Tweaks, Hacks For Windows 7 With WinEmPower

You must have faced problems in the beginning, while working on a new version of your Windows like Window 7 and Windows 2008 server but WinEmPower is a special freeware which can take care of all yours difficulties by taking measures like optimizing show menu delay, putting “open with notepad” option with every file and many more. So, instead of navigating and making unintentional mistake you can opt for this freeware and start working with it.


As you can very well see from the above snapshot that as soon as you double click the .exe file named as WinEmPower it will automatically detect the operating system on which it is being used and then it will show the recommended settings for your OS but still if you want add or remove any feature form then you can do it by checking or leaving the boxes blank in front of the features.

Even if you are using this tool on Windows 7 and you want to know about the preferable settings of server 2008, then you can select the bubble in front of server 2008 and it will show you the features which should be enabled while working on server 2008.

sshot-8 The on disk size of this freeware is 641kb which makes it portable and light. This freeware needs not to be installed and all the features in this tool are accompanied by tooltips which will help anyone to understand the importance of the features of this tool.

Some of the features are mentioned as follows:-

  • Creating ‘goodmode (All task)’ link on the desktop.
  • Adding ‘Launch with Powershell’ option in the context menu of the folders.
  • Adding ‘Launch with Command Prompt’ option to the context menu of the folders.
  • Adding ‘Take Ownership’ option to the context menu of the folders.
  • Adding ‘Open with notepad’ option to the context menu of all type of files.
  • Disabling Autoreboot whenever your system crashes, this will make easier for you to see the image and note down the error occurred in your system or OS.
  • Protecting registry from disabling the remote access but reboot will be required.
  • Disabling Windows Defender to make your system faster but it will also lower down the security level. A reboot is required.
  • Shortening Low Level Hooks Timeout.
  • Optimizing the Menu Show Delay by making it 0.
  • Shortening Application Hung Timeout, so that the application which is not responding can be restarted or ended faster.
  • Enabling the closing of all the applications simultaneously when a signal of Shutdown/ Restart/ Standby is given.
  • Enabling the sidebar even if the User Account Control is disabled.

You can understand the remaining features with the toll tips. This software is useful for Windows 7 and server 2008 but it can run on all the versions of Windows as it has been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

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