15 Tips, Tweaks To Use Mac OS X Lion Better With Lion Tweaks

While the reviews for Mac OS X Lion have been mostly positive, a lot of changes to the way things were in Snow Leopard have been met with criticism. Some of these are just changes that will take people time to get used to, but some of them are just counter intuitive.

Whatever might be the reason, people who have made the move to Mac OS X Lion are complaining about little changes in the system that are making their lives difficult or are just plain annoying.

Lion Tweaks is a freeware app developed by Fredrik W (a 16 year old talented Mac dev) which provide you toggle settings for a lot of these common annoyances with Lion.

I won’t go ahead and critique the UI, because well, this is not an app that you would use everyday, and need to navigate around frequently. For a 16 year old, Fredrik has done a great job of putting together all these settings which you otherwise have to access via the Terminal in a native Cocoa UI, though the action descriptions could use a little more love.

There are things like enabling the Library folder with the user’s home directory, reverting back to Aqua iCal UI, enabling permanent scrollbars, and the 2D dock (which you might remember as the dock you got when you used to move it to the right or the left).

Something that is obviously missing is a status check for each setting. Each setting has to be toggled by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ buttons, but there is no way to know if a setting is currently on or off other than obviously going and looking for it. A piece of advice to Fredrik if he’s reading, try using the ‘toggle’ behavior for buttons (like the one in Time Machine for On/Off states) so that its easier for people to change settings.

Overall, for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of using the Terminal or searching for what commands to use to toggle these settings, Lion Tweaks is a neat little utility.

Download Lion Tweaks

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