12 Tips To Increase iPhone 3GS Battery Backup

We had already written some tips on how to increase battery life in iPad, today we will tell you how to increase the battery backup and enhance battery backup in iPhone 3GS.


Follow the following tips to save battery in iPhone 3GS

1. Turn Off WiFi when not in Use

2. Decrease the default brightness level will result in more battery power

3. Turn off 3G if not in use

4. Turn Off Location Services

5. Turn Off Push – Activate Manual Push For Email Also

6. Decrease The Default Lock Time

7. Use a Process Manager to kill the background process [ For Jailbroken Phones Only ]

8. Turn on Airplane Mode when you are not using phone to receive calls.

Tip – If you want to avoid calls turn on airplane mode, it really saves a good amount of battery power

9. Turn Off Notifications

10. Decrease AutoLock time so that display don’t remain on for much time – it again saves the battery.

11. Turn off Lock Sounds, Calendar Alerts, New Mails, Keyboard Clicks etc

12. Turn off Vibrate Under applications and Games

All the above options can be located under iPhone settings, if you have a trouble in finding some thing please let us know. We would love to help :)

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