100+ Windows 7 Hacks and Tweaks

Customizing your computer is a very time consuming process for one to take up and is a bit boring. Users all over the world try to keep their desktops or laptops fast and responsive in terms of performance and speed as well and to solve that purpose people end up downloading some softwares or manually try to tweak their systems.

Tweaking is a process which includes a lot of activities like:-

  • Turning off the visuals of your Windows operating system for better performance.
  • Changing Backgrounds and Screensavers.
  • Changing Logon Screens.
  • Changing Desktop Icons.
  • Enabling or Disabling several features on windows and a lot others.

The task of tweaking is not very useful sometimes because of the fact that this can actually crash your operating system in case the operator is trying his/her hands on advanced settings. The changes made by the process can make any user face a handful of troubles.

Can Tweaking be made easy? Well to explain you, a small software named WinBubble is currently available on the internet hardly occupying 1.5 MB of space on your hard drive whose usefulness cannot be explained in words and can only be explored once you start using it.

WinBubble Settings

Unique Features Of WinBubble

  1. 200+ Tweaks for Windows 7
  2. Customizing Screensavers,Backgrounds and Desktop Icons.
  3. Tweaking Internet Explorer
  4. 30+ Hidden Windows Tools which could be accessed.
  5. Personalize Drive and Folder Options etc

Change Background - WinBubble

With this software one accesses to a bunch of tweaks and options to play with and most importantly at the click of the button. One is supposed to simply check or uncheck the boxes corresponding to the feature which he/she wishes to enable or disable.

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Optimization options are also available for Windows 7 in order to make the operating system work faster and the rest should be explored by you as each and every feature cannot be explained.Don’t wait now, download the software and start tweaking.

Download WinBubble

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