100 Plus Tweaks, Tips For Windows 7

We always want that there should never be a problem and everything should be done in the best possible way so it becomes least time consuming to do anything on a system. 7plus 1.2 is a tool which adds certain features to the default configuration of explorer, Window Handling, FTP and many more so that it becomes a lot easier and less time consuming for you to work on it.

As you can see form the snapshot, that the there are many setting which are altered in order to make the working style comfortable and fast at the same time but on the left hand side of the image you can see that all the features and tweaks have been categorized under different categories. As there are large number of features so i will be describing some of them from each category. The categories are enumerated as follows:-

  • Explorer Hotkey
  • Explorer Behavior
  • Fast Folders
  • Explorer Tabs
  • Window Handling
  • Desktop / Taskbar
  • Custom Hotkeys
  • Misc


Some of the attracting features are like now there is no need to press shift, alt and ctrl keys simultaneously in order to start task manager but you can double click the taskbar and the task manager will start, instead of clicking back button you can hold the right click of your mouse and then press left click in order to go back, it can also upload the selected files to internet by just pressing ctrl+U.

It will allow you to use tabs in the Window explorer, you can create a new folder or a text file by pressing F7 and F8 respectively, it can copy copy any text or picture from anywhere on net or a file and then paste it in any folder or on desktop by the name of clip.txt or clip.png, you will be able to toggle between current window and previous window with the help of CAPS LOCK key and many more features can be altered.

Moreover these changes will never be permanent because once you start this application the changes will be done and the icon of this freeware will minimized in the tray and when you close this tool the settings will go back to default. This tool works fine with all the versions of Windows but there are some features which are limited only for Windows 7 as this tool has been check on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

You will get the list of the complete features when you start installing this tool.

Download 7plus 1.2

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