10 Smart usage Tips Outlook.com Email Account [Applies To Hotmail Account As Well]

Recently, Microsoft has replaced Hotmail by a new platform Outlook.com. Hotmail has lost many of its users with the gaining popularity of Gmail. And now Outlook.com is challenging Gmail and had come up with a versatile user interface, enormous number of options and a solution to many problems which we have to deal on the daily basis. Here are 10 tips on using outlook.com

#1 Access to your Outlook account

New users can simply sign up on www.outlook.com whereas hotmail users have to simply upgrade their account. For hotmail users, they have to sign in and upgrade their account from the hotmail menu options. All your id, password and the data stored on your email will be saved in the similar fashion as it was. Only the user interface will be new and better. The mails sent or received will be from the same address. Also, if you are existing user on skydrive and xbox live, you can use the same address.


Outlook has a better interface as it will not display advertisements based on the content of your emails. That is your mails are secured and the content is not sold to any advertising agency. Only the advertising may be there based on the subject line on the inbox page. But the content is secured.

#2 Import Contacts

As soon as log into your outlook account your account, you will receive a new mail. It will provide the options to use the large number of options available. And if you are a new user you don’t need to worry about your contact list. It will not only help you to import addresses from other email addresses like Gmail but also from Facebook and Linkedin.

#3 Social Media

This is happening for the first time that you connect your social media webpages with your email id to access all the contents on your webpages. You can connect to Facebook for Status Updates, new messages etc. Also, you can see the tweets, linkedin and google+ updates via emails. And now if your are not able to access your facebook or twitter, you can get the updates.

#4 Photo Sharing

This is a wonderful option for the users who frequently share photographs via email. Generally, we have to download the images or view them online separately. But here is the option of slideshow. Outlook.com displays the slideshow of the images through Microsoft Silverlight. And if it is not installed in your system, you can easily install it. You have to install it once and is available free of cost.


#5 Video Call

Similar to Gmail, it also provides the option of video call. And as per the plans, it might integrate with Skype as well. Then you can enjoy the video chat in an easier way through your email id only.

#6 Files , Documents And Folders Management

For documents sharing and management, Outlook has provided Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. The editing in the attachments can be done within the inbox and you don’t have to open them separately. For email management also, there is automatic sorting of the emails. The bulk messages from different contacts, updates and other specifications are put in different folders. Also, you can customize the categories and their rules based on which sorting is done.

#7 Mails and Storage Capacity

One of the major problems faced with Gmail account is that you attach files upto 25 MB only. Whereas in the case of Outlook.com the large files upto 300 MB can be attached. Apart from this, your account storage capacity has also been increased to 7 GB complimentary Skydrive free storage.

#8 Use Multiple Address from the same account

Outlook.com seems good but the problem of another email account will also arise. So, this problem has also been undertaken. You can use different inboxes and other functions from the same account. For example, to send the email from your gmail account you have to just select it from the drop down menu.

#9 Windows 8 Integration

There are plans for the integration with the new coming Windows 8. The account setup will be available for all Windows 8 PC, Smartphones and tablets.

#10 Outlook.com also available on Smartphones

Now Outlook.com is also available for your smartphones. You can download it on your Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and others.

The users are expecting still more customization options. We will keep updating you about the new useful options whenever the company upgrades.

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